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S&B Cold Air Intake For 20-24 Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500 6.6L

S&B Cold Air Intake For 20-24 Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500 6.6L

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More Airflow, Maximum performance. Our cold air intake was engineered to minimize air restriction and flows better than stock. Our cold air intake comes with a fully enclosed airbox that protects the filter from dirt and keeps out engine heat.

New snap-In lid design: S&B's new snap-in lid design requires no screws to secure it to the box. This makes installation and inspection quick and easy. The snap-in lid provides a protective seal against unwanted, power-robbing engine heat and debris.

Premium Silicone Components: The air filter, coupler, lid seal and box plug are all made with silicone. Silicone is a premium rubber which will seal better and last longer. It handles temperatures as high as 400F without cracking or tearing and won't deteriorate over time.

No Check Engine Lights:

More air equals better performance. Our intake features two air inlet points. A large opening at the fender and a large scoop opening at the bottom.  If you want to customize the amount of air you take in, S&B provides an optional box plug that can seal off bottom inlet point.

When to use the Box Plug? Stock intake boxes are a significant contributor to poor airflow which is why S&B designs custom air boxes with secondary and/or enlarged openings. With that said, S&B recognizes the benefits of cooler air, so we have included a plug to seal off the opening if desired.

For optimal performance, we recommend that the intake be used without the box plug, except in conditions of an extreme heatwave.


  • Fits 2020-2024 Chevrolet Silverado / GMC Sierra 2500 & 3500 6.6L Gas
  • Replacement Filter Cotton Cleanable: KF-1076
  • Replacement Filter Dry Extendable: KF-1076D
  • Color Black
  • Fuel Type Gas
  • Liter 6.6 Liter
  • Million Mile Warranty

**This item cannot be shipped to California**

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